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Camp Hope, Camp Twin Lakes, Rutledge, Georgia - April 25, 2015

'Camp Hope, funded by the Northside Hospital-Atlanta Auxiliary, is a three-day weekend retreat held at CampTwin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia, for adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. NorthsideHospital patients participate in a variety of educational, recreational and inspirational activities. The goal of Camp Hope is to provide helpful relaxation activities and techniques as well as entertainment and fun. Time also is available for nature walks, board-games and quiet reflection. The hope is that campers will return home with a renewed sense of spirit to help them prepare for the journey ahead.'


I was honored, once again, to be invited to participate as an activity vendor.

I prepared canvases with textures of Mud, Lavender, Rose Powder, and Rue ( the Herb of Grace).  My amazing friend, Allison Summers attended with me to help!


Campers created MAGIC on 54 Canvases.


Just like last year, several expressed that they had no artistic ablity,  They found their 'Heart Centered Art'!

It was a honor to share time with these incredible individuals.

My thanks to the Northside Auxiliary for inviting me back again this year!

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