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Hi Sara I wanted to share something with you.   My husband has never commented on any of my art.  I posted my angel painting and he said it was the most expressive thing he had ever seen and he asked where did I find it.  I told him I painted it he was speechless.

 Class Forever and a Day Dee


Sara's paintings are so expressive, I see something new each time I look at the one she completed for me. But the classes where you complete your own paintings are so moving and powerful. My son is autistic and he loves going and creating his own work. It is the only time he will get his hands dirty and for a couple of hours he is just a kid  creating something for himself.
Thank you Sara for what you are giving to the world

 Class Herb Shop Sharon


I was fortunate enough to meet Sara through Carl Woodall's Psychic Fair many months ago, and upon seeing what she does, I decided to take the class with my mother as a gift for her birthday. My mom and I got to spend quality time together (with a few other fun souls!), and we had an absolute blast!! Sara is so warm and encouraging that it really brought everyone out of their shell to create exactly what each of us needed to express. The results were both beautiful and intriguing, and every single one of us said we want to take the class again! You get to squish your fingers in some of the most beautiful colors of paint, express your feelings nonverbally, and all the while, Sara is offering her insight into what is going on in those jumbled brains of ours. It is a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend taking the class with a friend or family member for some unique quality time.

Class: Laken


What a beautiful and motivating class! I am an artist, but am incorporating what I have learned through Sara into my personal art! Her art classes are... Sanctuary; light; freedom of self expression; love and positive energy. Our meditation that we started the class of with filled our hearts and auras and was woven into all of our lovely works of art.

 Class: Lisa


I took the class once & I will forever be grateful for the amazing experience! It allowed me to bring out the kid in me again as well as allow my intuitions to flow. Thanks so much! I look forward to more classes with you again sometime. 

 Class: Michele


'Had an amazing time.  Such a great experience to just let everything go for a couple hours and not let anything bother you just to paint!  Who knew it could be so simple.  

I used to paint when I was in college and this experience showed me something new and I can tell you I will start painting again soon.  The energy in this class was just amazing!  I already have and will continue to tell friends and family about this class.  Sara you are an absolute joy to have as a guide and I am blessed to have met you.  Thank you for everything.'

 Class:  Megan


'It was a perfect day.  I feel so blessed to have had the private class.   You're such a wonderful amazing guide.  I cant wait for others to experience the awakening that your readings and classes provide'

 Class: Brittany





' I am loving my painting, Sara.  I stare at it constantly and just get lost in the waves.'

Individual Art Session:  Kesha


'Here's the incredible thing.  It does remember you and it makes you remember too! My painting is a huge gift to me reminding me to trust the information I get.  It reminded me that the world is out there just waiting for me to step up to the plate.  Love this girl and her work. Wonderful'

 Individual Art Session:  Gretchen


'The painting looks incredible when the light shines on it thru the window. I have it next to my crystal. I just love it. Thanks again - you are amazing.  I discover more about it everyday!'

 Individual Art Session: Kathleen


Sara is a gifted artist and channel.  It was amazing to watch as she was guided to add colors and went into channel as she brought the painting to life uniquely for you!  There is an energy that continues to call to you and feed you through these paintings.  I am always amazed by her work!  She is a beautiful spirit who can access exactly what you need to hear or see at that time.  It is a gift that you can treasure and work with every day.

Individual Art Session: Karen

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