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''Come Play.  Put art on the walls of your heart that you made yourself''

- Gale Perrigo Hamby, Author: The Fourth Face of the Goddess

Painting by Heart Workshops!

We use Light, Energy, Texture and Color to explore & create from our Open Hearts through Intuitive Expression and Play! 


I prepare canvases for you with texture & ingredients such as flowers, salts, & herbs as I am inspired!

You add your own inspiration when you Paint by HeArt!


Your creations are unique expressions from Your Heart & together we’ll discover the treasures within!


These paintings are part of YOU and your journey with them will continue long after this workshop!


No Experience Required!


Your Open Heart Remembers the Truth of Who You Are!


Why Textured Canvases?

The use of texture and the various ingredients provide sensory stimulation that inspires the heart to open and create.  

The ingredients selected prove to be significant for each guests/client whether it be a class setting or an individual painting session.


Come Play!

IN HOME Classes AVAILABLE!  I'll Bring the Class to you for a joyful heart centered creative time with friends!  

Description 1 Day Workshops

Painting by Heart :  2.5 Hours

All Art Supplies Provided:
8x10 Canvases prepared with texture 

3 Canvases per Person
Acrylic Paints
Water bowls, plates for blending colors, and towels.


No Brushes, we play with our hands!  Brushes Optional!

Guests Bring: An Open Heart & the desire to PLAY!!!!

Workshops are offered at various locations and available for ‘in home’ private Art Parties!

Exchange $60 (adjusted for custom workshops) 

Description 2 Day Workshops

Painting by Heart:  2 Part 

4 Hours Total


Day 1 - 1.5 Hours - You will  texture your own canvases using your inspiration & imagination to select ingredients and your design!! 

(3 8x10)

Day 2 - 2.5 Hours - YOU Play in the Colors on the Texture YOU created!
Exchange - $ 90
Space is always availabe for attendance on Day 2  for those who are unable to commit to a 2 part workshop.   Prepared Canvases are provided.
Exchange - $ 60  

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