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Custom Workshop

Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Conference - 9.25.14

Team Building Group Paintings


It was a wonderful experience at the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute Education Day Conference for support professionals from the Cancer Institute. So grateful to be a part of this!!!


After they had a full day of work and education, it was time to promote Camp Hope. After a slideshow presentation and testimonial from a camper, we brought Camp Hope to the room with Heart Centered Art like we did at Camp Hope in April!


Instead of individual paintings, they worked as groups on the prepared canvases I textured with Rose Petals and Rose Buds base coated in Green, Blue, and Purple.
They literally jumped into the chance to play in the colors!!


AND! ....along with some well deserved play for themselves, we set the intention to place amazing energy of courage,bravery, love, and hope into these wonderful creations.

Several are hanging in the Oncology Hall at Northside Atlanta. 
Imagine the inspiration they emit!   Giving Back and Paying Forward!


It's amazing what 50 people, 8 to a table, can create when their intention is clear and connected knowing patients will view and FEEL the energy of these paintings every day!  These paintings were all completed in 40 minutes!


Following the Playtime they participated in the closing ceremony taken from Camp Hope, leaving behind what needs to be released so they can embrace the future and remain passionate and inspired in the amazing work that they do.
Blessed and Grateful!

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