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About The Language of Light

The Language of Light is all around us!

In nature, it can be found in the sound of the wind through the trees, the eagles scream, the mew of kittens, the waves crashing in the ocean, and the howl of the wolf. 

It can be felt in the Sun, Moon and Stars, our favorite music, a singer’s voice and so much more.  All of these can touch our hearts in a way that is beyond words to describe in the right moment….When we are listening and remembering.

For us, the Language of Light, or "Language of Love" is a Universal Language that our soul speaks fluently.  

It bypasses our busy mind and opens our heart allowing us to more fully align to our soulfullness and remember the truth of who we are.


A Light Language Session is like a breath of Hope & Love reminding us that All is Well.  It often brings forth messages and inner wisdom too.  

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