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I would like to include here a heartfelt THANK YOU to the local businesses and centers who have supported me and my 'Play'.  SMILE.

They have each graciously allowed me to participate in their monthly/special events and/or provided space for classes.


-The HerbShop  Healing Center, Canton, GA - My first Monthly Wellness Fair and first Intuitive Art Class, June 2013.

-Forever and A Day, Woodstock, GA

-The Atlanta Metaphysical Center, Atlanta, GA

-The Center for Enlightened Learning, Roswell, GA

- Northside Hospital Auxiliary - Camp Hope, Rutledge, GA

- Inner Awakenings - Blairsville, GA


I'd also like to thank Universal Life Expo for inviting me to my first public event, May 18, 2013.

I've also enjoyed participation at SpiritFest and look forward to more Play in the future with these Groups.


I'm grateful to be part of this loving community that serves so many.....from the Heart Space.


Special Thanks to my husband, Ralph for his support and undying patience with his nutty wife. Smile.


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