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The Story of My Company Name 

The name "It Will Remember You" was born from a beautiful drawing that a dear friend and gifted artist gave to me in 2012.  He said, "I think this is yours".  Smile.

My site of employment had closed in 2010, my 25th year with the company.  I had been contracting back on a project basis ever since and was trying to figure out who I was without my 'career'.  

Between projects, I began sharing my art, facilitating classes, and conducting HeArt sessions with individuals.  I needed a name.

My heart was so moved as I shared this art form with others and experienced their heart's opening.   I 'remembered' the gift with the phrase that had touched me and the  beautiful drawing of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, Unconditional Love, and Mercy.


It Will Remember You - Your Open Heart will Remember the Truth of Who You Are.

"It Will Remember You" was published on Facebook July 16th 2013 was published July 23rd 2014 at 10:19PM

Much Love, Tory Schrock.  Thank you.

The Story of My LOGO

My LOGO was born from a painting filled with love and the joy of children.

I participated  as a vender in a fair at a Middle School in 2015.

I had art for sale and brochures advertising classes and such, but I also included textured 4x6 canvas' for kids.  They LOVE Texture and Color!   

There were LOTs of kids that day and boy did they have fun.  So much fun, in fact, that they poured much more paint on their plates than they could use on their canvas'! 


I had a 16x20 canvas textured in Sea Salt that I had brought in case I had time to play in the colors myself.  I 'randomly' started adding the kids' extra paint to the canvas.  Their colors and energy brought the canvas to life!

When I finished the painting it held the joy of the kids and also had the image of a heart and an infant in the center!  I named it 'Baby Love'.  Smile.

I gifted this painting to dear friends expecting their first baby.  It belonged with them to spread the joy it held for their little one!

Then, I had this dream.  (I know how that sounds) that this was the LOGO for IWRY.   


Much Love and Thanks to Kady Morgan, Jason Beever and baby Sofaïa for allowing me to use a print of  their original painting.


 Jason did a beautiful job with the LOGO!  Blessed and Grateful.   

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